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Vibratory Mole Ploughs

VIBRATORY MOLE-PLOUGHS are one of the most cost efficient and economic methods of laying pipes and cables, even over short distances.

We are delighted to announce that we have acquired an industry leading vibrating mole plough. The self-propelled mole plough is revolutionising the pipe laying industry in the UK. The speed, reliability and accuracy of the machine is unmatched with vibrating mole ploughs boasting the capability of working up to ten times faster than a digger and operator (laying up to 1000 metres per day).

Key advantages of our Vibratory Mole Plough:

  • Trench-less, resulting in minimal disturbance to the ground

  • We are proud to announce that we are the first company in the UK to have a case vibrating mole plough on hydro tracks, allowing more grip and heavily reduces the amount of mess left behind.
  • In comparison, a vibrating mole plough can achieve 10x the amount of pipe laying against a digger and operator.

Enquire About THe Mole Plough:

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